Project: Buffalo Wild Wings Campaign (Mock) - Art Director/Copywriter

Does Buffalo Wild Wings have flavors worth personifying? Absolutely. 

The campaign had human appeal by making the menu relatable. The choice between 16 signature sauces seems less intimidating when a flavor can be chosen based on personality. The corresponding copy adds an element of humor that is relayed using the light, yet edgy voice of BWW. 

"Some have claimed they've seen him drink the tears of a scorpion, but let's size that up to a rumor. Do you have what it takes to handle the Blazin' sauce?"

Along with this campaign, a quiz was created to determine "What Kind of Wild Are You?" The quiz featured light-hearted questions that determined personality, and paired a signature sauce. This was created to both tie the campaign to the menu, and broaden the reach through shares on social media. 

With 16 types of wild, What Kind of Wild Are You?

Project: Best Served with a Martini (Mock) - Photographer/Art Director/Copywriter

I took on the nearly impossible task of making oysters appealing, and I did so with a twist of olive juice.

The approach was simple, suit, ties, and a triangle-shaped glass in hand. From there, the campaign: Best Served with a Martini was developed.  

The photography featured to the left was used in the ad campaign to appeal to those looking for a night beyond the usual. Inspired by the powerful words of Barney Stinson, "Suit Up!" became the mantra of the campaign.

With martinis flowing, models, Colin and Kris, were quick to embody the look of men who have gone from their 9-5 to their 6-10. 

Order up.